Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Peace of God

We all know the peace of lying in a hammock or walking along the beach. But what is the peace of God? Is it a feeling? Yes, but only in the sense that we feel good physically when we are healthy. The peace of God is spiritual health.

In our natural, broken state, we're divided against ourselves much of the time. We're stressed because we take on to much. We take on too much because our egos demand it. We allow tension to build between ourselves and others because we can't see their pain past our own. We let bitterness grow in our souls like cancer. We destroy our bodies in a desperate quest for pleasure. We're consumed with anxiety over the future, because we don't trust in God.

But the gift of God, through Christ, is freedom from all that. He wants to clear out all the toxic emotions and integrate us so that we are not fighting a civil war within our hearts. When our minds, hearts, and hands are under his sovereign control, we know true peace. And that peace also gives life to the body. (Proverbs 14:30)


Kristie said...

Anette, I think you are so right: "We destroy our bodies in a desperate quest for pleasure." This is true of many Christians as well. I have been convicted about gluttony recently, and really that's exactly what it is. Food is a great pleasure, but too much destroys.

Anette Acker said...

I can so much relate, Kristie! For me it's caffeine, more than anything.

Kristie said...

Anette, this is such an orchestrated little conversation because I gave up caffeine two weeks ago! And oh boy not easy! The headaches have subsided but not the cravings! If I could do it in moderation I would, but that's just not me and caffeine! I'm also just starting The Maker's Diet which I think is going to be very thought provoking on this issue as well.

So glad I happened on your blog from Piper's. God Bless!

Anette Acker said...

Kristie, I think God just spoke to me through you! :)

It's funny because every time I write about willful sin, this image comes to mind of a bottle of Frappuccino. It's time to stop rationalizing!!

I can't do it in moderation either. Thank you!

(I have to check out The Maker's Diet.)