Saturday, April 11, 2009


I wrote my last post at around four in the morning (caffeine-related insomnia), and just realized how obnoxious and judgmental it sounds in my current state of consciousness.

So I will put everything in perspective by sharing Dwight Moody's response to a Christian who criticized his evangelistic methods: "I like the way I do it better than the way you don't do it."



Becky said...

I often write posts when i'm over-tired and then decide later that maybe what i wrote would be completely mis-interpreted by others, and delete them! Saying that, you did make some valid points in that last past... and i do agree that we have God's glory to uphold... i guess, the only thing i was going to say was that i have heard some amazingly intellectual arguments from Christians that were probably completely true and sound, but somehow they have had little power to affect my life, whereas i have had people do simple, selfless, loving things for me that have so outstounded me that i felt like i met with Jesus and was changed because of it. I guess, what i'm saying is, whilst i completely value intellectual discussions about God, i also think i am reluctant to listen to people unless i also witness in them something of God's love... somehow a loving act can have more power to reach someone than a thousand words. However, i think if someone has integrity and demonstrate the truth of what they speak in actions too, then those words can carry great power as well... Not sure if this makes sense!?

Maybe what im getting at, is that i've known people who can argue effectively and say allsorts of things, but then they have lived something completely different - when people needed them, they didn't love them and didn't care for them, and as such, it made me reluctant to listen to them (however true their words were).... but when i've witnessed the nature of Jesus in someone then i'm much more likely to listen to their words too.....

Anyway, whatever the case, i think your post was fine!

Anette Acker said...

I completely agree with you and you put it very well! I was more reacting to people who are both unloving and unable to formulate a coherent thought. They were basically begging to be slaughtered. And it was painful to watch, because it wouldn't have happened if they had shown some common respect to begin with.

I think all people respond to the love of Christ in a person, and the simple truths are most profound. I agree with you.

But anyway, there's never any reason to judge, so that's why I retracted what I said, and maybe I'll delete it. We'll see.